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Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

PoMeTaChii wishes you....


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Today I record the new dance.  . I couldn't do this before, because I had  fever 
But now I have so much energy!
Gambatte to my friends for their records! I love you all 
On youtube I uploaded a new video with lots of my photos. They are about my vocaloid's cosplay. I hope you like it...

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Hello my Friends ^__^
 Hello everyone! Kikamoon desu!

Is a long time since I don't write in this blog, sorry
In this period I have watched many anime really beautiful as Ayashi No Ceres, Host club (very funny), Kirarin super star.
The night of Halloween, my friends and I went around with the car in the empty houses to look for ghosts , but have not seen anything. But we had fun.
Yesterday I saw "Paranormal Activity 2" was so scary  . Thus, by not thinking about it, I saw the first episode of mew mew ... 
I aspect that comes out the Harry Potter's film, in November. So I'm re-reading the seventh book.
I also expect to make a new dance with my partner in November

It's our new dance!!!! 

Massara Blue Jeans Halloween Special!

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Another Update
 Okay, guys~
So, our Halloween dance special is up, happy belated Halloween to everyone. :3
You all did great, and it turned out very nicely, thank you all for working so hard!

For the two girls who didn't get their videos sent in on time, that's all right, our next dance is in partners only, and they aren't all being released at the same time, so don't worry about it too much, there's much less rushing and pressure! ^-^

Also, be sure to check your Youtube messages for the important message I sent~! :3

I know we're all busy, but let's try to get one dance a month posted, all right? 8D ♥

The due date for your partner dances is November 28th! Thank you. ^-^
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☆ Happy Halloween ☆

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Hi lovelies!

How are you?

I'm fine but I've been busy this summer and this month too.

I've not been able to upload any video since the last month. Forgive me please.
I was trying to learn our next dance for this 29th october but I couldn't because of my job and classes. As you might now, I'm at the university (my 3rd year) and I have a lot of stuff to do. Also I've been working all this time, this is my last week because they are going to fire me and I'm going to have a break only to dedicate myself to the studies and dance of course. I haven't had any time to practise any dance as well.

I want to stay in the Loli PopProject. You know? I love dancing and collabing with you. hehe. Also you know that I didn't have any problem to upload each of our group dance, I have always been on date.

I dunno If everyone has their dance learned already but hopefully I'll get mine on 1st November. I only need some time to rest and practise.

Thank you for your attention.

Luv ya all

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Heloo my lovelies~ ♥
To everyone who has stayed with us this long, thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! 
We've all been busy, and contact isn't always easy since we're from such different parts of the world, but we always try our best.  I love you all for being our members, fans, and close friends. 

Please welcome our three new members, Ilene(Sandy33569), Kamilla(KazeKey), and Malice(MaliciousDevice)! Wish them luck, joy, and fun in the Loli-Pop Project! 

Our new dance, with all eight members, will be coming out soon! It's a surprise dance, and it'll be released on Hallowe'en, so keep an eye out for it! 

Now for an update on your Mii~ 
I've been really busy!  
I've had a TON of schoolwork, especially in Science class, and I want to get really good grades, so I've put a lot of time and effort into all of it. 
I also have work twice a week, usually on Tuesday and Thursday, from 4:15PM until 7:30PM. 
I've also been having renovations on my house, and since my mom works a lot, I have to take care of myself and my brothers most of the time. 
I get tutored once a week, from 5PM-6PM.
And the anime club I started at my high school begins in November! I'm so excited for it! 
And then, I still have to try and keep up with all of my friends, since I love them so much and wouldn't want to lose any of them, hahah.

So I've been doing a lot! 
 What have all of you been up to~? Let me know! 

Love, Mii~ 
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Power Up!
 My Sweet Darlings!

Everything is going right? I hope so.

Today I wanted to post some stuff in our blog so.. here I am.
September has ended and.. next week I'm going to start again the classes. My 3rd year in the University and this year I'm going to study and work in a part-time job.
(Yes, I won't forget to learn an practise more dances. hehe)
What about you? Have you started again the classes?

Yesterday I saw "Epic Movie" (such a bad film) but well, I laughted a lot. haha
And also I saw "Click". This was a comedy and drama movie. I recommend it to you. A sentimental and moralistic film.

Oh.. yes! I saw our last dance video! "Renai Circulation". Good Job! *Clap Clap*
Also I'm so excited because of our new members on the "Lolipop Project".
Today we'll know who has been choosed.

Good Luck girls!

And at least I will say that I did another collab with Magikspiffy and Dajeloid. This the 2nd time I dance with them and we danced FirstKiss from Danceroid.


That's all for today. I won't leave to post on the blog girls!

Lolipop Girls Power Up!  (like Sailor Moon. Isn't it Kika-chan? xDDD)

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It's been a while!
I've been busy with going to school, homework, getting my school's anime club set up, working, and taking care of my brothers.
I've also been sick lately.


But anyway, the auditions end on the 28h, and new members will be released on the 30th, so don't forget to audition if you haven't! :3

I gotta go, so bye-bye for now~! ♥

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