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The weather is really hot...

Today I ate an Ice cream of chocolate and nuts. [Nom, Nom]

Yes, it's me. PoMeTaChi
How are you?

Well, my holidays started a week ago. 
This is good.
This summer I am going to dance a lot and watch anime and other series too. hehe.
Right now I am watching Bakemonogatari  and I am learning the dance of Hello Planet.
The song and the dance are really cute and soft.  The dance is a bit hard in some steps because of the sequence that sometimes I forget. haha.
But I'll try my best.

I'm a bit sad because of the concert of Gackt. He's going to come to my city and I don't have the ticket. (cries in the corner)
I noticed this a week ago and I've been reading that in Europe the tickets of his concert were sold out in day or two maximum, the 7 and the 8 of June.
This is amazing and scary.
Gackt is a great singer and this is why he has sold out all the tickets.
I think that this is the first time it happens in Barcelona when a Japanese singer comes there.

It's fantastic to see this because that's how more Japanese singers are going to go abroad and make concerts. hehe.

So... I'll have to wait to his next concert.
I have to be more attentive. Nee?

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