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 Hey guys! It's Mii again. 
I'm sorry I've become a bad leader! 
I've been very busy this summer, but now that it's August, I finally have a chance to relax a little.
But not much! 
I've started learning Hiragana with Siyome, and we're doing good so far.
Also, if you didn't know, the anime convention here in our hometown was on July 31st and August 1st, and it was pretty good, there were some amazing cosplays, and the people were great of course, too!
Sadly, there will be no Kita-Kon 2011.  But they're hopeing to get things back together and make a comeback with Kita-Kon 2012, and by then, I'll probably be on staff to help out! 

Also, Siyome and I haven't had ANY luck getting a good camera to record with off a friend or anything, so I think I'll just start saving up my money and buy a good enough one at a used store or something, because I miss making videos and stuff, I feel so useless. 
So I hope I'll get that done soon, and become active again, but until then, I'm only able to blog, which I keep forgetting to do~ 
But from now on, I'll try to blog at least once a week, okay? 

Well, it's about 1:40 in the morning, and I'm really tired, and there's nothing to do online right now, none of my friends are in sight. 
So I'm going to go to bed and get a good rest, since Siyome and I are going to the carnival, the CLE tomorrow! 
Bye-bye Lolipop girls and fans, please don't stop believing in us, we will make a comeback. It'll take the effort of everyone to do it, but we will! You just wait! 
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