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Yay! Stuff!
Gomen for my not-posting-blog-posts-or-videos-disease but I've been on holiday (vacation?) in America and the stupid hotel didn't have internet >_< (or lifts/elevators xD) But now I is back (yay?) and I will try to post more often :D

Anyway, away from that topic: it is much easier to find anime and manga in shops in America than it is in the UK so my dad bought me Black Butler and Full Metal Alchemist volume 1 8D (He would've got me anime DVDs too but they don't play outside of the US -_-") Also, in America, they have this TV channel called Adult Swim and it shows anime late at night on a Saturday so that was pretty awesome ;)

I also managed to finish my cosplay of Mew Ichigo's orginal design :D I may wear it to this cosplay picnic thingy I might be going to on the 28th. Speaking of cosplay, did you know that it's International Cosplay Day on the 27th? xD I'm going out with some friends for that.

Wows, this is probably the longest blog post I've ever done o.O Shows what not being in school does to me xD Anyway, that's all for now. I hope you all have a nice day! (Even though it's 3am here xD)

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