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New Video Today!
 We'll be posting our group Renai Circulation video sometime today, so keep an eye out! 
-Mii ♥
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 Something happened to my last blog, it's gone now. o.o
Anyways, this will be quick and unedited because it's 1AM and I'm going to bed soon.

The due date for Renai Circulation is August 31st.
Meaning I need to upload mine soon.
It'll be up tomorrow. :3

Aaaaaaaaaaand, school's on September 7th for me. :3
I can't wait to go back, summer's kind of boring. xD

Also, from now on, all dances we do will have due dates so we don't end up like this, taking soooo long to post and stuff. :3

I uploaded a bunch of stuff today, and will again tomorrow.
There'll be a total of ten new dances, I think. 8D

But, bed time now! See you tomorrow, I'll post another blog then!
Good-night! :3 ♥

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September is coming ~
Is CoMinG

We have a few time until we come back to the school
, in my case, the University.

This summer has passed so fast. Every year it passes faster than the last. 

Well I'm happy of my holidays. Sunny and hot.
This week we have arrived until 39ºC here in Barcelona. I almost fainted.
The remedy is drink so much water or eat cold stuff.

Yay! Today one of my youtube friends' uploaded our dance cover.
Luka Luka Night Fever!
I was waiting for it and now is done and uploaded. I have to thank her for editing the vid.
I'm proud of our dance. I know it has some quite mistakes, moslty in my steps (i dunno why I always turn in the wrong way), but we did our best.
So.. now enjoy it. ;)
You can watch it on my YT Channel

Let's enjoy the rest of our holidays!
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Yay! Stuff!
Gomen for my not-posting-blog-posts-or-videos-disease but I've been on holiday (vacation?) in America and the stupid hotel didn't have internet >_< (or lifts/elevators xD) But now I is back (yay?) and I will try to post more often :D

Anyway, away from that topic: it is much easier to find anime and manga in shops in America than it is in the UK so my dad bought me Black Butler and Full Metal Alchemist volume 1 8D (He would've got me anime DVDs too but they don't play outside of the US -_-") Also, in America, they have this TV channel called Adult Swim and it shows anime late at night on a Saturday so that was pretty awesome ;)

I also managed to finish my cosplay of Mew Ichigo's orginal design :D I may wear it to this cosplay picnic thingy I might be going to on the 28th. Speaking of cosplay, did you know that it's International Cosplay Day on the 27th? xD I'm going out with some friends for that.

Wows, this is probably the longest blog post I've ever done o.O Shows what not being in school does to me xD Anyway, that's all for now. I hope you all have a nice day! (Even though it's 3am here xD)

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Some Stuff :P

PoMeTaChi's came back!

Sorry for my poor blog posts.

I would like to post more but I don't know what to explain on them.

First of all, Siyome. Your're not a bad leader, always your're trying your best to get the group active and motivate all of us. I can see it.
The problem of the camera can be solved, don't worry we can wait.

Secondly, I how is everyone? Everything is going right? I hope so. hehehe. We are not posting so much so I don't have news of some of us.

About me, well I'm always doing things like working, dancing and hanging out. Oh.. yes.. I forgot... Mostly sleep. Yes, because of the job that I have. I really got tired everytime I finish it and when I arrive at home I only want to rest.

The summit of all is that I am fine. And even if I don't post a lot here. You can be in touch with me by youtube or msn.


Let's enjoy our summer!

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 Hey guys! It's Mii again. 
I'm sorry I've become a bad leader! 
I've been very busy this summer, but now that it's August, I finally have a chance to relax a little.
But not much! 
I've started learning Hiragana with Siyome, and we're doing good so far.
Also, if you didn't know, the anime convention here in our hometown was on July 31st and August 1st, and it was pretty good, there were some amazing cosplays, and the people were great of course, too!
Sadly, there will be no Kita-Kon 2011.  But they're hopeing to get things back together and make a comeback with Kita-Kon 2012, and by then, I'll probably be on staff to help out! 

Also, Siyome and I haven't had ANY luck getting a good camera to record with off a friend or anything, so I think I'll just start saving up my money and buy a good enough one at a used store or something, because I miss making videos and stuff, I feel so useless. 
So I hope I'll get that done soon, and become active again, but until then, I'm only able to blog, which I keep forgetting to do~ 
But from now on, I'll try to blog at least once a week, okay? 

Well, it's about 1:40 in the morning, and I'm really tired, and there's nothing to do online right now, none of my friends are in sight. 
So I'm going to go to bed and get a good rest, since Siyome and I are going to the carnival, the CLE tomorrow! 
Bye-bye Lolipop girls and fans, please don't stop believing in us, we will make a comeback. It'll take the effort of everyone to do it, but we will! You just wait! 
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Hey Guys!
Kita-Kon was pretty awesome!
I ended up buying 4 Yaoi Manga, 1 Kuroshitsuji Poster, an bright blue contact lenses. :3
So yup.
I cosplayed Cirno, Ranka Lee, and a Maid for Amai Suite Cafe :3
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 Omg, its been so long!
I Havent had a chance to record T_T
<3 <3<3<3 T3T T3T
Ive been watching tons of anime, working on dances and cosplay, so when I record, ill have like 5-10 dances to record at once :D!
So please everyone, keep in contact with the Loli-Pop Project!

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 Hey guys, it's Mii.
Sorry it's been sooo long.
I've been very, very busy. xD
Uhmm, Kita-Kon's in thirteen days!
I'm so excited! 8D

Also, we've been trying to get the Renai Circulation video done, hopefully Siyome and I can find a camera soon.
Sorry the group's been getting inactive; please don't think ill of us for it, we've been trying. >_<

I'm in a hurry and very busy today too, so that's why the blog's so short and won't be edited or have any pictures or anything this time, but I'll do a really good one soon! Just thought I'd do a quick hello so you know I'm still here; I'm always here. :3

Anyways, I'm gonna go.
Please feel free to message me on any of my accounts anywhere on the internet; I'm always lurking around somewhere, or add my msn,
Thanks you guys! ♥

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