ミイ (Mii)
■ Name: Mii
■ Age: 15
■ Birthday: January 27th
■ Location: Canada
■ Favorite Colour: Orange ~!
■ Favourite anime: Too many to choose, but FullMetal Alchemist will always be one of them!
■ Hobbies: Anime, manga, cosplaying, dancing, singing, roleplaying, most Japanese music, the Japanese culture, most Korean music, drawing, friends, and the computer, cooking, videogames, etc.
■ Talents: I don't have any special talents in my opinion, but I guess I'm okay at what I do. :3
■ Know for: Being short, being shy?
■ Extreme likes: Sweets and cute things, happy music, having lots to energy, SIYOME~ x3
■ Extreme dislikes: The dark, deep water, weeaboos, fighting.
■ Websites:,,, com / user / lolipopproject, etc~